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Find out information on income tax in Mauritius, the procedure for applying for income tax in Mauritius and the penalty for late submission.
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Income Tax in Mauritius

In Mauritius one single flat rate of 15% is applicable on all types of income, since July 2009.
Income Exemption Threshold
An individual who is resident in Mauritius is entitled to an income exemption threshold which he can deduct from his income to arrive at his chargeable income, if any.
The income exemption threshold in respect of income year ending 30 June 2009 is as follows -
Amount (Rs)
Category A- An individual with no dependent
Category B- An individual with one dependent
Category C- An individual with two dependents
Category D- An individual with three dependents
Category E- A retired person with no dependent
Category F- A retired person with one dependent
Income Tax Forms For Individuals
IT Form - 1a
Applicable to an individual in receipt of emoluments only. This return should be filled in by every person who -
  • is a registered person (i.e. has been allocated a Tax Account Number) or
  • has a chargeable income, whether or not he is a registered person. 
IT Form - 1
Applicable to an individual deriving income from trade, business, profession, agriculture, rents, emoluments and other sources.
This return should be filled in by an individual who
  • is a registered person
  • owns more than one residence or one or more immoveable properties acquired for an aggregate price exceeding Rs 2 million or on which expenditure exceeding Rs 2 million has been incurred for the construction of a building or any other structure;
  • owns a car with an engine capacity exceeding 2000c.c.
  • owns a pleasure craft as defined in the Tourism Act 2004
  • is owner of a residential property and whose total income exceeds Rs 240,000 or
  • has a chargeable income. 
Due Date for submission of annual return and payment of tax
The return of income (IT Forms 1A or 1) should be filled in and submitted to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) not later than 30 September together with a remittance of the amount of tax payable, if any, in accordance with the return.
Penalty for late submission of annual return of income
Where an individual fails to submit his annual return of income, he is liable to a penalty of Rs 2,000 per month or part of the month up to a maximum penalty of Rs 20,000.
Penalty for late payment of tax
Where an individual fails to pay the tax in accordance with his annual return of income by the due date, he is liable to a penalty of 5% of the amount of the tax, excluding any penalty.
Interest for late payment of tax
Where an individual fails to pay any tax by the due date, he is liable, in addition to any penalty, to pay interest at the rate of 1% per month or part of the month during which the tax remains unpaid.

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