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Check out information on building and land use permit in Mauritius.
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Building and Land Use Permit in Mauritius

A Building and Land Use Application is a formal request for permission to carry out a proposed development in relation to any land, includes building, engineering or other operations in, on, over and under the land, the making of any material change in the use of any building or other land, within the curtilage of such building and the division of any land, but does not include interior works in a building that does not materially affect its external appearance, maintenance or improvement works of a road.
Building and Land Permit (BLP) if you propose to do any of the following:
  • Commence the construction of a building, or effect extensive alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building
  • Carry out development of land, as per definition of the Town & Country Planning Act
  • Change the use of a building from one cluster to another.
  • Inspection, repair and renewal works by statutory undertakers
  • Use of building or land incidental to the enjoyment of a dwelling or
  • Use of land for agriculture & forestry 
BLP is not needed if:
  • One is exempted under a Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) or
  • One  changes the use of a building or commercial, industrial or services unit to another use falling within the same cluster as per 11th Schedule of the Local Government Act 2003 (as amended) and
  • Any change of economic activity within the same cluster does not result in irect or indirect dangerous or congested traffic conditions on any nearby street or road
Before Submitting an Application
Check with the Planning Department of the relevant Local Authority
  • Whether a permit is required, if yes, the applicable guidelines
  • The zoning and policies applicable to the site as per provisions of the Outline Scheme. 
To make an application for a Building and Land Use Permit (BLP), follow these steps:
  • Check the BLP guidelines applicable to your proposed development.
  • Prepare plans and drawings as per specifications given to you in the guide & gather all necessary documents.
  • Fill in Parts A, B & C of the application form as follows:
  • Part A   - which needs to be filled in and signed by the applicant and the owner of the site (if applicant is not the owner). One needs to give accurate information on the proposal to help the authorities deal promptly with the application.
  • Parts B& C   - need to be filled in and signed by the person having prepared the development/ building plans and who would understand all the technical points that are included in this section of the form.
  • Comply with notification procedures and submit proof thereof.
  • Submit the application form with all required documents.

Last Updated on: 19-04-2010

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