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Export Regulations in Singapore

Export Regulations are restrictions placed by countries on the selling of goods abroad, among reasons they may be imposed are to conserve scarce goods for home consumption and to control the flow of strategic goods. All exporters businesses in Singapore must comply with export regulations in order to export goods. Special permits would be necessary for exporting, re-exporting, transshipping and transporting of strategic goods such as munitions or biochemical’s. Any tourist departing Singapore would come under the scanner of Tourist Refund Scheme.
Tourist Refund Scheme
  • A visitor to Singapore can claim refund of GST paid on your purchases, while departing from Changi Airport or Seletar Airport.
  • A visitor to Singapore can claim refund on the GST paid for purchase brought from retailers participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme if the departure is by air and if:
  • The visitor is not a Singaporean or Permanent Resident of Singapore.
  • The visitor has not in the past 6 months exercised any employment in Singapore
  • The visitor has not spent more than 365 days in Singapore in the past 2 years.
  • The visitor has spent S$300 or more on goods at shops displaying the "Tax Refund" logo or S$100 or more on goods at shops displaying the "Tax Free Shopping", or "Premier Tax Free
 How to Apply for a Refund
Shops usually display the "Tax Refund" Logo. If the total value of the purchase is more than S$100, one can seek the GST Claim Form, upon verification of the passport to check eligibility. Then the applicant must sign on the form in duplicate, of which a copy will be handed over to the applicant for the claim of GST refund on departure.
Three Quarter Tank Rule
If one is leaving for Malaysia in a Singapore registered car, then one should ensure that there is three quarter tank full of petrol in the fuel tank of the car. It would be treated as an offence if the amount of petrol is less than the prescribed quantity. As per the law, the driver would be charged for the offence. A fine would have to be paid and the driver would have to refuel before continuing with the journey.

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