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Find out information on using business excellence framework in Singapore and its advantages.
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Business Excellence Framework

Business excellence refers to "outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving results based on a set of eight fundamental concepts". These concepts are "orientation, customer focus, leadership and constancy of purpose, management by processes and facts, people development and involvement, continuous learning, innovation and improvement; partnership development, and public responsibility."
The Business Excellence Framework is a structured approach that one can follow to set up management systems and processes which would enable businesses to excel.
It consists of:
  • Standards of excellence that businesses can strive for
  • Self-assessment tools for businesses to measure their performance
  • Certification and awards to recognize businesses that excel
The framework is benchmarked against similar frameworks adopted in America, Europe, Japan and Australia.
What are the Various Standards of Excellence
Over the last decade, most organizations have recognized that setting Standards of Excellence has a benchmark would help the organization to achieve better results. The Standards of Excellence provides a framework for developing strategy and implementation planning, assessing progress and benchmarking their organization with their competitors.
There are four standards of excellence under the business excellence framework
Standard Of Excellence
Short Description
For businesses who want a well-rounded and holistic approach to achieving business excellence.
For businesses who rely on innovation as a growth strategy.
For businesses who rely heavily on people to excel.
For businesses whose success depends greatly on delighting the customer.
What are the Self-Assessment Tools that are Available
  • There are self assessment tools for each standard of excellence.
  • The self assessment tools help in identifying gaps in the systems and processes.
Standard of Excellence
Self-Assessment Tool
What Certification and Awards are Given
  • There are certification and award for each standard of excellence.
  • Certifications are given to enterprises that achieve at least 400 out of 1000 points during the certification process.
  • Businesses that apply for the business excellence awards and achieve 700 or more out of 1000 points are considered for the awards.
Standard Of Excellence
Certification (> 400 points)
Award (> 700 points)
How Can The Framework Be Used
  • Firstly, the standard of excellence based on the performance that needs to be achieved or the organizational capabilities that needs to be improved is to be chosen.
  • Then use the self assessment tools to identify gaps in the systems and processes, either on your own or with the assistance of a consultant. Improve the efficiency of the systems and processes to reduce the gaps.
  • Finally apply to SPRING Singapore for certification. An external assessor would be assigned to validate the self assessment.
Assistance In Understanding The Framework
SPRING Singapore offers Courses and Seminars on the Business Excellence Framework. You can sign up for them to better understand the Framework. Engage a Business Excellence Consultant. The Business Excellence consultant can help in understanding what is necessary and prepare a road map for the company to achieve business excellence.

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