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Find out information on how to register business in Philippines.
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Registering Business in Philippines

Permit is a legal document giving official permission to do something. Permits are necessary before the operation of a business. Here are the lists of the government agencies in Philippines that give various types of licenses and permits necessary for starting a business in Philippines.
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): A single proprietorship should be registered under this agency which will issue a Certification of Registration (COR) of the business name.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): Just like the DTI it will issue COR. But this is for a business which is a partnership or a corporation.
Cooperative Development Authority (CDA): This is the right agency where a cooperative business should be registered.
Barangay Hall: A permit is acquired from this for clearance in the operation of your business. Clearance should be obtained from the Barangay that has the jurisdiction over the location of the business to be established.
Local Government Unit (LGU): After the Barangay clearance, the business should be registered in the municipality or city for issuance of permits.
Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR): This agency will provide Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the business taxpayer. This is also where books of accounts and authority to print are registered. 
Registration Requirements Summary
Time to complete:
Cost to complete
Obtain bank certificate of deposit of the paid-in capital
1 day
No charge
Verify the availability of the company name with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
1 day
Philippine Peso (PHP) 40
Register incorporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission
3 days
filing fee for articles of incorporation PHP 1,000 +issuance fees PHP 1,000+ PHP 510 bylaws fee + PHP 470 - stock and transfer book registration fee + PHP 75 - membership book registration fee
Obtain community tax certificate (CTC)
1 day
PHP 500
Apply for a Barangay (district) clearance
2 days
PHP 800
Obtain mayor’s permit/municipal license to operate at the Licensing Section of the Mayor's Office
11 days
The fees vary depending on the local government unit (city/municipality) issuing the mayor’s permit (PHP 900, sanitary permit fee + 0.2% of capital for license fee + PHP 2000, permit fee for businesses engaged in retail + PHP 2,500 garbage collection fee
Receive inspection from the Mayor's Office
5 days
no charge
Buy special books of account at bookstore
1 day
PHP 400
Register for taxes at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
2 days
PHP 500 (registration fee) + PHP 15 (certification fee) and PHP 100(documentary stamp tax, in loose form to be attached to Form 2303)
Payment of documentary stamp taxes
1 day
PHP1 for every PHP 200 of capital
Obtain the authority to print receipt/invoices with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
1 day
included in procedure 9
Print receipts and invoices at the print shops accredited by the BIR
14 days
PHP 4,000 (between PHP 3,000 and PHP 5,000)
Submit receipts and invoices to the BIR for approval, have receipts/invoices and books of accounts stamped by BIR
1 day
no charge
Initial registration with the Social Security System (SSS) and
1 week
no charge
Complete registration with SSS and Philippines Health Insurance Company (PHIC)
1 day
No charge

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