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The article provides useful information about the functions of an embassy and the list of Indian embassies abroad.

Indian Embassies

An embassy is not only the permanent diplomatic mission but also the building in which that mission is housed. Embassies are vital for a nation’s interest, since they are a meeting point between the visiting and host nation. Embassies play active role in solving problems from trade tariffs to political tensions. An embassy typically would consist of staff, offices and earmarked area for official function.

An embassy consists of consular officers, political officers and economic officers.
  • Consular officers are responsible for issuing visas and any problems faced by Indian citizens while travelling abroad.
  • Political officers take care of the political climate in the foreign country and sending out reports to their government.
  • Economic officers take care of economic negotiations like differences over taxes, tariffs and patent negotiations.
All the staff of an embassy report to an ambassador, who is in charge of an embassy. An ambassador is usually a highly experienced IFS officer. In view of the sensitivity of the position, they are given prior training before being sent on an assignment.

Indian Embassy

The following are the list of Indian embassies abroad.

Indian Missions Abroad List

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