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Find out information on major education fairs, shows, exhibitions, events, expos & conferences organized around the world.
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This section contains comprehensive listing of shows, fairs, expos, conferences & events dedicated to the field of education & training. These education expos & conferences offer a perfect platform to display the latest advances in the educational sector. Find out information on organizers, exhibitors & participants of education expositions & exhibitions happening across the globe.

Education Fairs, Expos & Conferences

Connecting Minds: A North American Undergraduate Research Conference in Psychology
Connecting Minds: A North American Undergraduate Research Conference in Psychology is a premier event that presents some of the most excellent undergraduate psychology research in North America.
Date : 04-06-2010 ~ 05-06-2010
Venue : Kwantlen Polytechnic University
HEEACT International Conference 2010
HEEACT International Conference 2010 is one of the well-known conference in Taipei.
Date : 04-06-2010
Venue : International Conference Hall
APacCHRIE Youth Conference 2010
APacCHRIE Youth Conference 2010 is a major forum which aims to attract students from various hospitality and tourism institutions in the Asia Pacific region to collaborate to discuss hospitality and tourism related issues.
Date : 01-06-2010 ~ 04-06-2010
Venue : TBA
MI World Symposium 2010
MI World Symposium 2010 is a unique event of its kind that will focus on Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory and its appliance in knowledge contexts.
Date : 31-05-2010 ~ 01-06-2010
Venue : Crown Plaza Park View Wuzhou
Scandinavian Medical Technology Conference 2010
The Scandinavian Medical Technology Conference 2010 is a joint conference and trade fair event.
Date : 26-05-2010 ~ 27-05-2010
Venue : Bella Center
Job Meeting & Roma
Job Meeting & Trovolavoro.
Date : 26-05-2010
Venue : Palazzo dei Congressi
12th Annual International Conference Education 2010
The 12th Annual International Conference on Education will be organized by the Education Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER).
Date : 24-05-2010 ~ 27-05-2010
Venue : TBA
International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference
International Journal of Arts & Sciences is a four day conference on academic disciplines and brings together international academicians, including professors and graduate students, who would be presenting research in their respective field.
Date : 24-05-2010 ~ 27-05-2010
Venue : Ryerson University’s International Living Learning Centre
ICWSM 2010
The ICWSM (International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media) 2010 is an event that brings together researchers from variety of disciplines such as NLP, Social Psychology, Data Mining, Sociology and Visualization.
Date : 23-05-2010 ~ 26-05-2010
Venue : George Washington University
AACSB Asia Regional Conference
The AACSB Asia Regional Conference 2010 is a premier conference targeted on international best practices and AACSB accreditation in the Asian perspective.
Date : 23-05-2010 ~ 25-05-2010
Venue : Hilton singapore
Postgradasia Live! 2010
Postgradasia Live! 2010 is the most prominent education fair in Malaysia, which is entirely dedicated to postgraduate studies.
Date : 22-05-2010 ~ 23-05-2010
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
CORE Adolescent Literacy Solutions Conference
CORE Adolescent Literacy Solutions Conference is a remarkable event that will serve as the best forum for all prominent national literacy researchers; specialists in Response to Intervention (RtI); inspirational speakers; and successful practitioners from across the country.
Date : 18-05-2010 ~ 19-05-2010
Venue : Embassy Suites Atlanta
11th Logistics CIO Forum
The 11th Logistics CIO Forum aims to promote the right technology systems among investors that will improve their productivity and profitability.
Date : 17-05-2010 ~ 18-05-2010
Venue : Amsterdam Marriott
3rd PhD Conference in Economics 2010
PhD Conference in Economics 2010 will celebrate its 3rd edition in Athens.
Date : 13-05-2010 ~ 14-05-2010
Venue : TBA
2010 IEEE International RADAR Conference
IEEE International RADAR Conference 2010 is known to be a diversified technical program and covers topics such as phenomenology & modeling, radar systems architectures, radar system military applications, signal & data processing, environmental applications, active ESA’s, emerging technologies, components & subsystems, antenna technology, and civil/security Radar applications.
Date : 10-05-2010 ~ 14-05-2010
Venue : Crystal Gateway Marriot
4th Annual International Conference on Sociology 2010
The Annual International Conference on Sociology will celebrate its 4th edition in Athens.
Date : 10-05-2010 ~ 13-05-2010
Venue : TBA
NFBO 2010
NFBO 2010 is the 6th Nordic conference on child abuse and neglect.
Date : 10-05-2010 ~ 12-05-2010
Venue : Scandic Copenhagen Hotel
2010 Taiwan TESOL Conference
Taiwan TESOL Conference 2010 will be a conference based on language.
Date : 08-05-2010
Venue : International Conference Rooms (9 F), Engineering Building I
MODERN Conference “Assuring the Quality of Internationalisation”
MODERN Conference “Assuring the Quality of Internationalisation” is a remarkable event devoted to higher education modernisation.
Date : 07-05-2010
Venue : NH Barbizon Palace
The Canadian Institute’s Law of Policing
The Canadian Institute’s Law of Policing is a conference that focuses on the fundamentals of administrative law and brings up to date information from a variety of perspectives.
Date : 05-05-2010 ~ 06-05-2010
Venue : The Sutton Place Hotel
7th International Language For Specific Purpose Seminar
The main objective of the 7th International Language for Specific Purpose Seminar is to serve a platform to examine LSP improvements in learning and teacher training, professional areas, communication, research and language consultancy.
Date : 04-05-2010 ~ 05-05-2010
Venue : Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Hotel
Languages & Business 2010
Languages & Business 2010 is the international specialized conference that focuses on languages and international business communication.
Date : 03-05-2010 ~ 05-05-2010
Venue : Linder Congress Hotel Düsseldorf
DemensDagene 2010
DemensDagene is a conference on dementia and assembles all professionals’ related research or developments of dementia.
Date : 03-05-2010 ~ 04-05-2010
Venue : Bella Center
NEXUS Conference
NEXUS is an international bi-monthly magazine that features various news that cover the fields of health alternatives, suppressed science, Earth’s ancient past, UFOs and the unexplained and government cover ups.
Date : 01-05-2010
Venue : TBA
2010 CHE Senior Summit
2010 CHE Senior Summit is a significant event formulated to facilitate higher education PR practitioners hone communications best practices and further college and university objectives.
Date : 28-04-2010 ~ 30-04-2010
Venue : Doubletree Hotel

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