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Find out information on flora and fauna in Philippines.
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Flora and Fauna in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, possessing more than 12,000 different species of plants, 560 recognized bird species, 180 species of terrestrial mammals, 250 reptiles, 400 species of coral, and 1,000 different fishes. A good percentage of these species are also endemic to the country and are never found anywhere else in the world.
The mammalian fauna of the Philippine Islands is now known to include 201 species: 21 are marine mammals, 172 are native terrestrial mammals, and 7 are introduced, non-native species that occur in the wild. With 111 (64%) of the terrestrial native species as endemics, the archipelago has one of the highest per-area levels of endemism in the world, on the basis of both absolute numbers and percentage. Since the last checklist was published, in 1987, sixteen new species have been discovered —currently one of the highest rates of discovery in the world.
The Philippines rich volcanic soil, bright sunshine and enough rain account for the healthy growth of thousands of plant species in the archipelago. From about 3000 species of giant trees to thousands more species of mosses and lichens, Philippine forests comprise variety of plant life that not one of its neighbors has.
The Bamboo which has 54different species thriving throughout the country is a fast-growing timbered grass which can be transformed into lots of income generating products such as music instruments, handicrafts, bags, lamps, furniture.
The Coconut Palm is another interesting plant which can be utilized for similar usage. It is mainly found in the lowlands and has fruit that produces oil, vinegar and liquor. Narra the proclaimed national tree of the Philippines is the source of hardwood and proven to have the highest quality for furniture making and home furnishing. Another crop which is unnatural to the Philippine plant life is the Pili Nut. It is the fruit of an immense growing tree that commonly thrives in the rich soil of Bicol provinces particularly Sorsogon. Sampaguitais the national flower, but there are about 1000 species of orchids.

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