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Incorporating a company gives a long lasting business basis. Check out information on incorporating a company in Mauritius.
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Incorporating a Company in Mauritius

Incorporating a company gives a long lasting business basis. If there were only one owner of the company, the death of that owner would usually mean the end of the company. It could also mean legal battles with family members who could claim rights to the company. Incorporating the business means that it can continue regardless of the death of any shareholders, executive officers or managers. Also, the ownership of the business can be transferred by selling stocks in the corporation.

For online incorporation one can register with the Mauritius Network Services  on the following url:
Any person who wishes to incorporate a company in Mauritius should ensure that the name is available prior to incorporation.
Fill the prescribed form "Application for incorporation of a company" and submit it to the Registrar of Companies together with forms 7, 8 or 9 where necessary.

The application form shall state:
  • the full name and address of each applicant
  • the present full name, any former name and the usual residential address of every director   and any secretary of the company
  • particulars of any business occupation and directorships of any public company or subsidiary of a public company held by each director. Should the proposed director be director of several subsidies of a single group, it shall suffice to state the name of the holding company with the addition of the word `group`
  • whether the company is limited or unlimited
  • that the company is a private company, should that be the case
  • the registered office of the company
  • in the case of a one person company, the name of the person nominated by the proposed director to act as secretary who will call a meeting of heirs in the event of death of the sole director
  • that the information provided in the application is true and correct.
The following documents shall accompany the application form:
  • Where the company has a constitution, a copy of that constitution certified by at least one applicant to be the company's constitution
  • The signed consent on an approved form of every proposed director or secretary
  • A certificate from the proposed director/secretary that they are not disqualified to hold office as such
  • In the case of a company limited by shares, a document in the approved form, signed by every shareholder or agent of the shareholder containing his consent to be shareholder and to taking the number and class of shares specified together with amount paid for those shares
  • In the case of a company limited by guarantee, a document signed by each member, signifying the members consent to be member and the amount which such persons undertake to contribute in the event of the company's winding up
  • In the above 2 cases if the documents are signed by an agent representing the shareholder or member a form of proxy authorizing the agent to so act.
Where the application for incorporation complies with the Act and on payment of the prescribed fee the Registrar will:
  • Issue a certificate of incorporation
  • Enter the particulars of the company on the Register give to the company a unique company number.

Last Updated on: 20-04-2010

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