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Find out information on flora and fauna in Mauritius.
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Flora and Fauna in Mauritius

The island of Mauritius has never been linked to main land Africa. First elements of the indigenous flora were transported to the islands by sea currents, winds, tropical storms and migrating birds or birds carried away to the islands by cyclonic winds. Though the original distribution of plant species along the coast line has been profoundly modified by man, the present day coastal vegetation is determined by the nature of the soils, the sea spray, rainfall and wind action.
Home to around 700 species of indigenous plants, Mauritius boast some of the unique and endangered species of Flora. The exotic red Anthurium plants are trademarks of the island. The Goyave De Chine is the endemic plant of Mauritius. Pineapple is another fruit which is found in abundance in Mauritius, locally it is also known as "zanana comfit".
Other local fruits one can find in Mauritius are “bilimbi rond” which resembles small star shaped berries in light green color while the “bilimbi long” is long version of the fruits, which is comparatively darker shade of green. The fruits happen to be very sour, and the long variety also happens to be extremely acidic; these fruits are consumed in forms of pickles.
The fruicitere an exotic variety of pickle fruit is used to make pickles. Star fruits or Carambole is another variety of exotic fruits one can find in Mauritius, it is consumed pickled, seasoned, or straight, also many people make juice out of it or it is used as food décor in gastronomic cuisine and different local cocktail. Other than these exotic fruits mango, papaya and bananas are also grown in Mauritius
Mauritius fauna also features some of the unique and endangered species. Most interestingly, the avifauna of Mauritius includes 119 species, of which eight are endemic, 21 man-introduced species, and 30 are rare or accidental, 16 species are globally endangered while species such as Abbott's Booby (Sula abbotti) is extirpated in Mauritius.
Few among the species found:
  • Pink Pigeon (endangered species)
  • Echo Parakeet (endangered species)
  • Mauritius Kestrel (endangered species)
  • Mauritius Grey White Eye- Pic Pic (endangered species)
  • Mauritian Fody (endangered species)
  • Mauritius Bulbul (endangered species)
  • Mauritius Cuckoo Shrike (endangered species)
  • Telfair Skink
  • Aldabra tortoises
  • Ornated Day Gecko
  • Wild boars and deer introduced by humans
  • Madagascar buttonquail (introduced species)
  • Rodrigues Brush-Warbler (Endangered species)

Last Updated on: 20-04-2010

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