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Renewable Resources in Malaysia

A renewable resource is a naturally-restoring source that regenerates at a percentage equal to, or faster than, the human consumption rate. Renewable resources and energy sources offer improved efficiency, are more cost-effective and are inexhaustible.
Malaysia has various alternative and renewable resources such as solar power, hydro power, oil palm biomass and waste materials.  These sources can be used to produce energy and may assist in tackling issues pertaining to environmental pollution. The national objective strategy is to:
  • Diversify fuel type and sources, technology, capitalise on use of local energy resources, sufficient reserve capacity
  • Estimate demand, right energy pricing and devise plans to meet demand
  • Support competition in the electricity supply industry
  • Promote competition and provide analytical supply plan to meet demand on the basis of least cost approach using power computer software
  • Promote the development of renewable and co-generation as much as possible
  • Match quality with customer demand with variable tariffs
  • Auditing, bench-marking, financial and fiscal incentives, technology development, promotion of ESCOs, ratings, correct pricing, energy managers, and
  • Supervise the impacts, improve efficiency of utilisation and conversion and promote renewable energy.
Solar Power
What makes Malaysia different from other large ASEAN neighbors is that it has a grand visualization of being a developed country by 2020. To achieve this, Malaysia should focus on achieving betterment in social, environmental and economic parameters. Elimination of subsidies for non-renewable energy sources and instead providing some initial handholding for renewable energy sources should help among other things in rural electrification, environmental betterment and sustainable development. Solar being the second most important renewable energy source after biomass would get a huge boost.  
Biomass from palm oil is probably the most viable renewable energy source for Malaysia. This is because oil palm plantations are present in abundance. Biomass from Malaysia’s oil palm plantations can meet about 5-10% of the nation’s total energy requirements. Biomass as a renewable energy source can reduce the energy bills of big oil palm growers.
Renewable Energy Resource
Energy Value in Ringgit Malaysia Million(Annual)
Forest residues
Palm oil biomass
Solar thermal
Mill residues
Solar PV
Municipal waste
Rice husk
Landfill gas

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